The need to upgrade arises from two important factors - growth and boredom. I have always been a victim of both since I could remember. Everytime I start a new project or venture, the sheer excitement of doing the unknown new gives me a reason enough to push myself to the next level. Whether it is businesswise or on a personal front. But as soon as I get a wee bit good at it or used to the concept, I want to change.. I want to upgrade.. I want to be doing something else.. be the first mover. Doesn't matter what the deal is.. just the kick of starting something new and risky is enough to get me going through the day.. Sometimes its easy, sometimes tough, sometimes wise n sometimes otherwise. But as long as the change happens, for the good or the bad, somehow I feel happy. Atleast, life moved...

A day like today

On I walked
until the day was gone
and I stood in regret
of all the things I've done
for all that I've blessed
and all that I've wronged
in dreams until my death
I will wander on

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