The Void

Everyday, We try to be as occupied as possible to fill the emptiness of human needs. It can be the drive to fill up our stomachs with food and drink, to fill our lives with friends or relationships or our brains with steady information. We never stop to ponder that Nature by it's very self can never permit a vacuum. All spaces have to be filled with something. Hence we are compelled to continuously fill the spaces of our time. It's the biggest conundrum. We long for a time to do absolutely nothing, yet when that moment arrives, we feel we are wasting that precious commodity. If we are not doing something every minute, we question our purpose of existence.

We use our time to try and fill everything that we see or have around us. Our rooms, purses, bank accounts. On the road if we see an empty parking space, we feel the urge to fill it. Bookshelves, cabinets all serve the same purpose. The purpose to fill those empty spaces, some outside yet some deep within us.

But filling is often not enough. We desire to get to the stage of "true satisfaction" when we feel abundance or overflow. It is our very nature to desire overflow of everything. May it be money, material possessions, friends etc. It's like a glass that requires filling. Half full is not good enough for us. We want to overfill it. Just so we can feel secure.

But why do we still feel unsatisfied even though we reach the overfilled state? Even when there is abundance of everything around, we still feel a certain void or vacuum around? Maybe it's got to do with the pursuit itself. Cause when this glass of our life actually gets filled or overflows, we feel dissatisfied and begin the process of again engaging in the pursuit. We forget that everything we provide ourself within these pursuits are merely temporary. May it be food that we eat, the money that we earn, the fame that we get. Everything we do, to fill our lives with becomes redundant once we reach our goal. And we start all over again. Usually whatever we lack refers to one area of concern: Our need for love is not the same as our need for money.

But our Void is not limited and defined. There is no painless place in our being to which we can fly for refuge. Our whole being is one empty ache. Some try and find the answers in spirituality, some in God.. believing that the divine shall free from the devil. The devil of finances, friendships or material possessions. I think we might be able to reap greater benefits in quietly allowing ourselves to be filled rather than chasing around to fill ourselves. All such methods of 'self-fulfillment' if abandoned, might..just might fill our existential Void. If we have tried to fulfill ourselves through our work, indulgences, people, money or actualization's, then that self-reliant attitude if changed completely, might set us free.

We no longer would use other people or money to complete and fill our lives. Thus we get released from our Void, the emptiness. And we would feel the overwhelming fulfillment of our being.

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