The emotion means a lot to everyone. Many have gone to great extremes to declare the sentiment for that special someone.. Some have been successful, some have failed and some are sill trying hard.. I personally know that love is not forced. It does not exist because we want it to, or because we make it so, or because we have to. Finding someone who appreciates and cherished you as much as you do him/her is not easy, if at all possible. A combination of self and chance that ensures such bliss is hard to come by. The emotional anguish that one feels is very real. It comes like a arrow on dreadful wings, sweeping down and piercing us when we weren't expecting it, because if we saw it coming we wold have deflected it and beat it away with a vengeance. And when it hits us, pierces us, it bleeds us. Leave the arrow in, patch your heart around it, and in time you'll learn to live with love. The arrow. Pull it out, and every day you'll bleed a little harder, and die a little more...

I wish for..

a 3-D picture of thunder
a lost illusion in a glass bottle
a happy clown
a sun that never rises
an empty Pandora's Box
a fire that burns underwater
a first kiss in a summer rain
a super-glue for a broken heart
a spaceship full of politicians
an H-bomb to detonate in my skull
a star to hold in my palm
a rear-view mirror to see Hell with
a never-ending story
a banana from the monkey on my back
a second-hand shop that sells dreams and memories
a molotov cocktail on the rocks
a hugh hefners lifestyle
a tattoo of Death doing the Macarena
a reason not to slap myself
a dream that never ends
a chocolate cake baked in the shape of a question mark
a DNA map drawn up by the Human Genome Project
a digitally remastered CD of the Big Bang
a band-aid that heals everything
a giant turtle with world on it's back
an hourglass to jam in the spokes of the wheel of time
eternity in an second
a diving board into the gene pool
a rewind and pause button on life
a day as a cat
an 'Undo' button for real life actions
a trip to the dark side of the moon
a day as God

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