The emotion means a lot to everyone. Many have gone to great extremes to declare the sentiment for that special someone.. Some have been successful, some have failed and some are sill trying hard.. I personally know that love is not forced. It does not exist because we want it to, or because we make it so, or because we have to. Finding someone who appreciates and cherished you as much as you do him/her is not easy, if at all possible. A combination of self and chance that ensures such bliss is hard to come by. The emotional anguish that one feels is very real. It comes like a arrow on dreadful wings, sweeping down and piercing us when we weren't expecting it, because if we saw it coming we wold have deflected it and beat it away with a vengeance. And when it hits us, pierces us, it bleeds us. Leave the arrow in, patch your heart around it, and in time you'll learn to live with love. The arrow. Pull it out, and every day you'll bleed a little harder, and die a little more...


Well sounds like you have experienced
something similar!I myself have had the most unique chance of feeling exactly what you've expressed....& have no regrets for the peircing of the arrow in even the most unexpected circumstances ever!But the feeling is magical....something that takes you in a different world where only you& your lover exsist!!!!

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June 19, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

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