I wish for..

a 3-D picture of thunder
a lost illusion in a glass bottle
a happy clown
a sun that never rises
an empty Pandora's Box
a fire that burns underwater
a first kiss in a summer rain
a super-glue for a broken heart
a spaceship full of politicians
an H-bomb to detonate in my skull
a star to hold in my palm
a rear-view mirror to see Hell with
a never-ending story
a banana from the monkey on my back
a second-hand shop that sells dreams and memories
a molotov cocktail on the rocks
a hugh hefners lifestyle
a tattoo of Death doing the Macarena
a reason not to slap myself
a dream that never ends
a chocolate cake baked in the shape of a question mark
a DNA map drawn up by the Human Genome Project
a digitally remastered CD of the Big Bang
a band-aid that heals everything
a giant turtle with world on it's back
an hourglass to jam in the spokes of the wheel of time
eternity in an second
a diving board into the gene pool
a rewind and pause button on life
a day as a cat
an 'Undo' button for real life actions
a trip to the dark side of the moon
a day as God


frst teme y ths ''second-hand'' shop that sells dreams and memories??
u forgot one main thng ... ''HAPPINIESS'' if ur happy then u gona get everythng easily ... there gona be no regrets
n then y u want be god...cant u wish tht u becum perfect ?? hmmm ummmmm

June 10, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

A list, I think I will go back to time and again...just beautiful!!

October 10, 2008 at 12:19 AM  

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